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Where is My…
As an author, Morenike wants to share her heart with yours. This space allows her to reach you in a way that sometimes spoken words cannot.

Where is My…, is a series of books to come that will help the believer find the “other things” God promised when we seek Him first! The first book of this series to launch from author, Nike E. Shelton is entitled, Where is My Money?

This book, birthed in the midst of the pandemic, came out before the soon to follow, Where Is My Husband, which began over ten years ago. Where Is My Money is an engaging novel that is sure to speak to anyone who has ever felt like a failure, wondering when their breakthrough was going to come forth! This book is meant to encourage the business owner, the entrepreneur, the career man or woman, or anyone who wants to walk into a financial blessing that obedience is key to unlock the blessings!

Self-reflection is key to obtaining all that God has and this book will challenge those in the marketplace to look closely at themselves and more importantly their motives in seeking the “successes” of this world. In doing so, the prayer is that you will indeed find your money and never struggle in that area again!