What’s In Your Belly? I Got a License to Carry

It takes forty weeks for a baby to develop; and it takes about forty days for license to carry to be approved. When the two are combined you get someone who is licensed to carry not a baby or a firearm, but the greatest honor of all—the word which contains our God-given purpose! This forty-day devotional is meant to show the believer that you have been given an assignment and now you must carry it out by any means necessary. It is time for God’s people to strap up with the weapon of our word and take the kingdom by force, letting the world know that the trials, tests, and tribulations faced were not in vain and were only meant to propel our purpose upward, not downwards!

No, our sufferings are not in vain and have simply given us the license we need to carry everything God has placed within us! So, journey with me the next forty days and bring forth your purpose in this season—it’s just been hidden for too long!

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